HP & UHP Jetting Services – Precision and Power by Group Industrial.

Specialised High and Ultra-High-Pressure Water Jetting.

Group Industrial Services offers specialised high (HP) and ultra-high (UHP) pressure water jetting services, suitable for a wide range of industrial applications. These environmentally sensitive cleaning techniques are among the most powerful available, catering to various industry needs.

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Versatile Cleaning for Multiple Surfaces.

Broad Application Spectrum

Our HP and UHP jetting services are effective in removing debris from diverse surfaces, including:

  • Polymers
  • Wood
  • Concrete
  • Steel pipes
  • Copper and other metals

Comprehensive Range of Jetting Pumps.

Catering to Diverse Industrial Needs

We provide a diverse range of jetting pumps, with pressures ranging from 5,000 to 40,000 psi, ensuring we have the right equipment for every type of discipline and requirement.

Extensive Capabilities in HP & UHP Jetting.

Wide Array of Services

Our capabilities in HP and UHP jetting include:

  • Drain Jetting and Unblocking: Ensuring clear and functional drainage systems.
  • Pipe Jetting: Cleaning pipe lines from ½” to 72”.
  • Vessel Jetting: Both automated and manual approaches for thorough cleaning.
  • Heat Exchanger Jetting: Optimising heat exchanger performance.
  • Separator Jetting: Effective cleaning of separators for uninterrupted operation.
  • Automated Deck Jetting: Efficient cleaning of large deck areas.
  • Manual Deck and Structure Jetting: Precise cleaning for specific structures.
  • Caisson/Riser/J Tube Jetting: Specialised jetting for complex structures.
  • HP & UHP Jetting up to 30,000 PSI: For the most demanding cleaning tasks.

Why Choose Group Industrial for HP & UHP Jetting?

Group Industrial Services is your go-to provider for high and ultra-high-pressure jetting. Our state-of-the-art equipment, combined with our expertise, ensures efficient, effective, and environmentally friendly cleaning solutions for a variety of industrial needs.