Vacuum Services – Efficient and Versatile Solutions by Group Industrial

Advanced Vacuum Solutions for Diverse Industrial Needs.

Group Industrial Services operates a comprehensive range of containerised and truck-mounted vacuum equipment, offering clients efficient and cost-effective vacuum solutions. Our investment in a diverse fleet of vacuum equipment is tailored to meet a wide range of industrial applications.

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State-of-the-Art Vacuum Equipment.

Versatile Applications for Industry

We have equipped our fleet to handle various tasks, including:

  • Vacuum Pumping: Efficient pumping services for various industrial needs.
  • Vacuum Skips: Convenient and effective for solids movement.
  • Solids Movement: Specialised handling of solid materials.
  • Powder Handling: Safe and efficient movement of powder materials.
  • Sludge Removal: Expert removal of sludge from various industrial sites.
  • Waste Pumping and Storage: Effective solutions for waste management.
  • Waste Handling and Recycling: Sustainable approaches to waste handling.

Comprehensive Vacuum Pumping Services.

Specialised Equipment for Optimal Results

Our fleet includes 5,000-gallon high vacuum pump vehicles and rigid High Air Flow industrial vacuum units, designed to provide:

  • Efficient and cost-effective solutions for all industrial cleaning and waste management requirements.
  • Specialisation in the removal of all waste streams, including heavy sludges from tanks, vessels, or sumps.

Expertise Across the Industry.

Delivering High-Quality Vacuum Services

Group Industrial’s expertise, innovation, and advanced equipment allow us to deliver top-tier vacuum services across various industries. We focus on:

  • Ensuring the highest efficiency in waste removal and management.
  • Providing tailored solutions for each client’s unique requirements.

Why Choose Group Industrial for Vacuum Services.

Group Industrial Services stands out as a provider of efficient, versatile, and cost-effective vacuum services. Our dedication to using the latest technology, coupled with our extensive industry expertise, ensures that we meet and exceed our clients’ expectations.