Tank Cleaning Services – Advanced Solutions by Group Industrial.

Comprehensive Tank Cleaning with Cutting-Edge Techniques.

Group Industrial Services offers an extensive range of tank cleaning services, employing advanced techniques and innovative non-entry jetting solutions. Our approach is tailored to meet the diverse requirements of various industrial applications.

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Integrated Cleaning and Maintenance Solutions.

Versatile and Efficient Methods

Utilising a combination of services, we provide comprehensive solutions for tank cleaning operations, including:

  • Purging and decontamination procedures.
  • Vacuum services for efficient waste removal.
  • Bolting and on-site machining services.
  • Vessel entry with in-house expertise.
  • A variety of water jetting services for thorough cleaning.

State-of-the-Art Cleaning Technologies.

Advanced Non-Entry Cleaning

Our full range of tank cleaning services, from bund cleaning to tank decommissioning, employs:

  • Non-entry product removal and jetting techniques.
  • A multi-skilled team delivering a range of applicable services.
  • Solutions that align with environmental, health, and safety standards.

Robotic Technology for Enhanced Safety and Efficiency.

Innovations in Non-Man Entry Tank Systems

Constantly adapting to market needs, we have introduced new robotic technology, such as:

  • A robot excavator & jetter system for confined and inaccessible spaces.
  • Tracked, remote-controlled ATEX ROVs combining high-flow suction and jetting capabilities.

Benefits of Our Non-Man Entry Tank System.

Maximising Safety and Operational Efficiency

Advantages of our system include:

  • Safe operator positioning due to full remote control systems.
  • Significant reduction in manual labor and confined space entry requirements.
  • Perfect maneuverability to reach inaccessible areas.
  • Minimised product removal time, enhancing efficiency.

Comprehensive Material Removal

The system is adept at removing multiple types of material, obstructing pipes, tanks, tunnels, and more. It works in tandem with Suction Excavators and Hi-flow Vacuumation Trucks for effective material handling.

Coordinated Cleaning and Inspection Services.

Seamless Handover and Management

Group Industrial can fully coordinate the handover from cleaning to inspection, utilising our in-house tank inspection teams. This ensures effective management of timescales and a seamless transition between phases of the operation.

Choose Group Industrial for Expert Tank Cleaning?

With Group Industrial Services, you get a partner committed to providing advanced, safe, and efficient tank cleaning solutions. Contact us today to experience our innovative approach to tank cleaning, designed to meet the highest standards of operational excellence.